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Land a new job in 2018



"Peer-based coaching circles fill the gap between expensive one-to-one career coaching and the time, patience and skills of family and friends!"


Want a new job? Don’t let 2018 slip by without taking action.

Are you looking, thinking about looking or need to be looking for a new job?

Have you landed great jobs in the past, and even sat on the other side of the interview table many times?

Do you essentially know the type of role you want and what you need to do, but are not doing it effectively?

That's where peer-based group coaching and mentoring circles come in.

Peer-based mentoring circles provide ongoing support, focus and accountability to help experienced professionals prepare for and execute their search for a new role.

Why join a program?

"Because the bootmaker's children have holes in their shoes!"

When it comes to their own job hunt, even accomplished professionals can be flayed by self doubt, lose momentum or wish they could talk things over with someone.

Landit’s peer-based mentoring circles were designed to overcome this problem.

By connecting like-minded professionals into small, discreet cohorts we create virtuous circles whereby members draw upon their professional experience and expertise to advise, support and encourage each others' job search, whilst receiving the same in return.

A virtual ‘Board of Advisors’

In peer-based mentoring circles each person essentially gets their own ‘Board of Advisors’ and ‘Cheer Squad’. Each person brings their professional experience to be to help each other:

  • maintain courage, confidence and momentum from regularly meeting with a supportive, like-minded group

  • stay focussed and accountable in their search

  • discuss, brainstorm and get advice on the small questions to the big challenges of your job search from professional peers

Other benefits include:

  • increasing the effectiveness of your job search through added focus and carving out dedicated time in your calendar

  • replacing or complementing more expensive, individual coaching options

  • expanding your network

"Whether it's to canvas thoughts on the best way to followup a recent meeting, understand how others deal with the frustration or brainstorm how to describe your last role, even seasoned professionals benefit from someone to talk things over with."

Why 5 weeks and why call it a 'circle'?

Participating in an ongoing fosters the time, space and relationships needed for ideas to form, thoughts to percolate and insights to evolve.

It allows a trusted and safe environment to develop. 

In the spirit of 'what goes around, comes around', it is a circle because the cohort is only effective if participants 'give as well as get'. Partly because that's the right thing to do. Partly because you can learn as much by listening to and advising others, as you can from seeking and hearing advice.


Smash self doubt, stop floundering and help and be helped by like-minded professionals in your own coaching & mentoring circle.

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Next starting date


20 February 2018

Sydney CBD & Online

Put action behind your words and kick-start your 2018 job hunt goals by signing up for our first coaching & mentoring circle for 2018.

Run over 5 weeks and combining face to face and online meetings, our program provides the support, focus and accountability that professionals looking for a new job need to maintain momentum and land a new role. 

Cost: $125

  • This covers the 5 sessions that run to a total of 9.5 hours; access to a private Linkedin group solely for members of your circle and the opportunity to participate in weekly online forums between group members and the Facilitator.


5 Week Program schedule

1st Tuesday: 6.00pm - 8.00pm, 333 George Street, (WeWork Offices) Sydney

2nd Tuesday: 6.30pm - 8.00 pm: Online via Zoom

3rd Tuesday: 6.30pm - 8.00 pm: Online via Zoom

4th Tuesday: 6.30pm - 8.00 pm: Online via Zoom

5th Tuesday: 5.30 - 8.30pm: 333 George Street, (WeWork Offices), Sydney

  • See more about the format and details of the weekly topics here.
  • Discover more about what a peer-based coaching circle is, along with background on your facilitator here.






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