"We create the cheerleaders and sounding board you need to maintain confidence and momentum."






Landit Coaching helps professionals land a new job.

We provide the support you need to do what you know you should be doing.  

Landit was founded to address the particular challenges of the over 40s job seeker.

The most obvious challenge is that opportunities don't unfold as readily once people move further up the career ladder. Other obvious challenges are:

  • the rapidly changing dynamics of the workplace
  • digitalisation of the recruitment process
  • surge in youth culture
A less obvious, but critical challenge is the availability of support networks - people to strategise with and bounce around ideas. 

The family and friends who were there as trusted advisors for job seekers in their 20s and 30s, simply don't have the time to help the way they they once did.

Landit's signature program, peer-based group coaching & mentoring circles was created to address this gap.

Our mission is to help over 40s professionals maintain their marketability and employability.

Our services are designed to help individuals achieve with programs that help them do what they know they should be doing. In other words overcome hurdles such as self doubt and focus that prevent an experienced professional doing for themselves, what they no doubt preach to others!

About your facilitator

The person behind Landit Coaching and the key facilitator is Kelly Claudius. Kelly's desire to establish Landit Coaching, and in particular a peer-based group coaching & mentoring program arose from a combination of her own experience looking for a new role and insights gleaned helping friends and colleagues in their job search.

In her own words, Kelly says, 

"Over the last few years I have done a lot of job hunting.
Most of it incredibly ineffectively!
Consequently I've accumulated a lot of hard-won lessons about what is needed to stage a successful job search."

Kelly's desire to translate these learnings into a coaching and mentoring program stems from frustration at the time she wasted not having the right support in place and the subsequent impact on her career trajectory and finances. She has a fervent desire to short circuit these learnings and prevent similar consequences for others.

The 'go-to' person for strategising on job search and CV updates amongst friends and family, Kelly's insight is backed up by hundreds of  hours of informal coaching and mentoring.

A marketing and change professional with over 20 years experience spanning multi-nationals to startups, both in Australia and internationally Kelly is also an experienced facilitator. She has facilitated workshops on messaging through to customer experience and company strategy with executive teams to front line employees. Instinctively empathetic and an innate connector, the strengths Kelly brings to her role as facilitator are:

  • expertise in messaging and positioning, e.g. helping you land your message
  • influencer marketing experience, e.g. helping you use social media to get known and be seen
  • great listening skills, e.g. reading between the lines to understand what is really being said