Quarterly CV Update - Workshop

continuously Benchmark your marketability

Challenging yourself to continually measure your relevance and marketability is the key to ongoing employment in today's job market.

Join this workshop each quarter to identify and articulate your:

  • achievements
  • new professional contacts - networking
  • new skills - professional development 

Set this habit in stone by locking in a session for each quarter!

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Why attend this workshop?

"I can do this home alone. I don't need to spend time at a workshop."

Yes - but be honest - how often have you done this?

If you can always lay your hands on an up-to-odate CV when you need it, this workshop isn't for you. But if you have lost time:

  • scrambling to find your CV
  • trying to remember what you've accomplished
  • struggling to wordsmith those accomplishments into pithy sentences - with all the right key words and 'action verbs'

then sign-up!


In a rapidly changing work landscape it is imperative that you are:

  • staying on top your skills and network
  • continously reviewing your CV for relevant accomplishments
  • planning to ensure your next project or professional development course enhances not just your CV, but your 'professional narrative'

Without this type of review you can't course correct when need be, and are can adding to the already difficult task of finding a new job when you need to.





    Next Program

    29 March 2018




    1.5 hour small group workshop (maximum 8 people)


    Face-to-Face workshop

    • 7.30am - 9.00am
    • Sydney CBD location TBA

    Online Workshop

    • 7.-00pm - 8.30pm
    • online using Zoom


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