More on why peer-based coaching circles work


The irony of job hunting is that when you are at your most vulnerable  you need to appear your most confident.  Because the immutable facts of job hunting (life) are:

  • Confidence is attractive
  • People want to work with winners
  • Any doubt you have about yourself will cast doubt with your potential employer

So despite having your confidence frequently tested, you have to continually be showing up as your most confident self.

Some of the less tangible, but incredibly important benefits that come from being part of a peer-based coaching circle are:

Confidence boost: by giving and seeing how your advice benefits others in the group, you are reminded of the skills you have and how others value you

Structure and accountability:  By discussing and committing to what you will have done or would like to discuss with the group the next time it meets you have a form of accountability that is differs from how accountability works with friends and family

Access to impartial opinions from peers and similarly experienced professionals, senior managers and executives: Despite meaning well, friends and family often don't have the background, impartiality, time or possibly patience to provide feedback and assist you with your job search on an ongoing basis.  Developing your own job-hunting cohort provides access to the type of people, who whilst job hunting now, have sat on the other side of the desk, reviewing resumes and interviewing people and are just the sort of people you want to be able to bounce ideas around with.


Landit Coaching helps professionals land a new job by providing the support you need to actually do, what you know you should be doing.  

Our signature program, Peer-based coaching circles was created to provide an affordable complement to, or alternative to one-on-one coaching.

Our services are targeted at job seekers over 40 because quite often that’s the age at which people inadvertently take their foot off the career accelerator.  Often they've got to a point where they were satisfied with what they had achieved or it was time to prioritise other parts of life, such as family, in a way that wasn't needed their 20s and 30s. 

For many over 40s this leads to a triple threat to staging a successful job search: 

  • depleted professional network. (You simply haven't had the time!)
  • opportunities don't unfold as readily or as frequently as they once did because you are higher up the career ladder
  • limited number of 'sounding boards'. Your friends and family are as busy as you are and don't have the time to be your sounding board and cheer leader on a consistent and ongoing basis

Landit's peer-based coaching program was developed to address the need a sounding board - and to take it a step further, providing the opportunity to discuss matters with people in a similar situation along with significant professional experience and expertise.



  • you gain confidence using your knowledge and experience to help others:
    • It is highly likely that you have recruited people yourself. You have even have helped friends or family members put together their resume and advised them on their job search. 

However many people struggle when applying this knowledge and experience to their own circumstances.

Being part of a coaching circle means not only drawing on the exper ience of others and seeking their opinions and advice, but providing advice and expertise.  Often the mere fact of having your advice valued and being given an opportunity to assist others reminds you of your skill set and boosts your confidence and determination.

  • almost everything about job hunting is subjective:
    • Access to a range of perspectives and opinion helps in job hunting as there are no absolutes. From how long your CV should be, to how to approach your network, it’s all quite subjective and a matter of judgement. A peer based coaching group becomes your personal Board of Advisors.
  • one-on-one coaching or outplacement coaching isn’t always affordable or something you are comfortable engaging for ‘the little things’:
    • Our coaching programs can be a great complement to these programs, or be a great way of continuing to gain benefit once these other programs have finished. For those who could not access or afford individual coaching, our group program provides many of the benefits, except instead of accessing the expertise of one coach, you are drawing on the knowledge and experience of many peers.
  • sometimes 'quantity time' vs 'quality time is what makes a difference:
    • Meeting with the same group of people on a regular basis for a decent amount of time allows trust and relationships to develop, providing in turn an opportunity to fully explore and discuss issues and ideas related to your job search. 

Sometimes you don't need a ‘solution’ or an ‘outcome’ but rather to talk a matter over. 

The mere fact of talking it over, whether it be over one week or several, and being heard can move you forward and help you come to your own solution.

  • friends and family only have so much expertise and patience:
    • As generous and well meaning family and friends can be they sometimes don't always have the time or patience to be as supportive as we would like them to be. Also it is unlikely they can be as objective as an outsider. And sometimes we need ideas from others about how to deal with the expectations of family members about our job search!
  • The core principle is that people help themselves by helping others.

    You will be amazed how giving advice to someone else helps you stay on and adhere to that advice yourself! 



Additional benefits of participating in a peer-based coaching circle are:

  • maintain confidence levels from helping others
  • structure to your week or job search
  • complement more expensive coaching options
  • expand your network

About your facilitator

For many years I've been the 'go to' person amongst friends for advice on job hunting and CVs.

I like helping people and enjoy the challenge of helping people land their message.

Over the years, friends have frequently suggested I should do this on a professional basis.

But it has never been an interest of mine - until now. 

Previously I could not see what I could offer that was better or different to the many terrific coaches and resume writers out there.  That was until I crystallised the idea of peer-based coaching circles. A service that I think is missing in the market and I wish had been around when I was looking for a job.


Over the last few years I have done a lot of job hunting!

Over that time I have gained a lot of experience doing the 'wrong' thing with regard to CV writing and my approach to looking for a new role.

Fortunately this has been followed by some 'ah-ha' moments about the right approach.

The result is that I am well versed in what doesn't work, and therefore what does work, along with an intimate understanding of the wide array of challenges.

The impetus for translating these learnings into a coaching service is that I am incredibly frustrated by the time I wasted and the impact on my career trajectory and finances that taking the 'wrong' approach took.

So much so I am always keen to intervene or offer support if I see someone falling prey to the same circumstances or starting down the same path.

Additionally I have

  • expertise in messaging and positioning. (My professional background is in marketing and communications)
  • a broad industry background that spans across multi-nationals, the public sector, start-ups and consulting.
  • experience in influencer marketing and creating social media campaigns for executives seeking to be known as an authority or thought leader in their field
  • great listening skills!