New Job Success - Strategy Session

Maintain the momentum - Make your next job search easier  by capitalising on the work you put into landing this role.

"Successful people start new jobs with their exit strategy in place."

Following up the celebration of your new role with a planning session on when to leave and what job to go to next might seem counterintuitive - but unless you do that, you won't be able to monitor your success in your new role.

Starting a new role can be all consuming. It is easy to get caught up in proving your worth and making a stellar start.

That's important and this session is designed to help you do that.

It's also designed to make sure that your new role enhances your future career prospects.

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We don't want you to get so swept up in what you are delivering to your new company that you neglect to monitor what your new role is doing to increase or just maintain your attractiveness to future employers.  Even if you are not planning on leaving this company (ever!), in today's volatile job market it is imperative to continually:

  • monitor your relevance
  • benchmark your skills and experience against the market

This session helps you do that.

We know you just want to dump the 'job hunting' file at the back of the shelf, or press 'delete' and just back to your regular life and new job - BUT but you need to muster a 'final hurrah' to make sure job hunting next time is easier.

This workshop helps you do that.


Increase your chances of increasing or maintaining your attractiveness to a new employer by starting your new job with:

  • a plan in place for:
    • success in first 30, 60, 90 days
    • clear understanding what your next promotion or job looks like and what is needed to achieve that
    • ability to identify what your future relevance and marketability looks like
    • understanding of when corrective action is needed and 





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    22 March 2018




    1.5 hour small group workshop (maximum 8 people)


    Face-to-Face workshop

    • 7.30am - 9.00am
    • Sydney CBD location TBA

    Online Workshop

    • 7.-00pm - 8.30pm
    • online using Zoom


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