Peer-based group coaching and mentoring program

Our signature program, peer-based group coaching & mentoring circles was created to provide affordable, ongoing support for professionals over 40 looking for a new job.

"By bringing together cohorts of like-minded professionals we create what in essence becomes a Board of Advisors you connect with each week for support in your job search."

Run over 5 weeks and combining face-to-face and online meetings, our program provides the support, focus and accountability that professionals looking for a new job need to maintain momentum and land a new role.

Supported by a skilled facilitator the benefit comes from discussing your job hunt with people who are as close to it and experiencing the same issues you. More importantly, like you, whilst they might a a job hunter today, yesterday and tomorrow they have been and will be hiring managers with a wealth of insight. 

Often used in conjunction with, or as a follow on from executive coaching or outplacement consulting.

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  • stay focussed in your search and on top of the latest trends with the support of a skilled facilitator

  • bounce ideas around and get and give advice to other professionals

  • gain courage, confidence and momentum from regularly meeting with a supportive, like-minded group

Participating in an ongoing program provides the time and space and focus critical to an effective job search. 

  • There is time for ideas to percolate and insights to evolve
  • Through the creation of a trusted and safe environment we provide the opportunity to explore ideas, brainstorm, get feedback, test ideas, ask for advice and even practice interview questions with a group of objective yet empathetic professionals.


Tuesday, 20 February: 5.30pm - 7.30pm, 333 George Street, Sydney (WeWork offices)

Tuesday, 27 February: 6.30pm - 8.00 pm: Online via Zoom

Tuesday, 6 March: 6.30pm - 8.00 pm: Online via Zoom

Tuesday, 13 March: 6.30pm - 8.00 pm: Online via Zoom

Tuesday, 20 March: 5.30 - 8.30pm: 333 George Street, Sydney (WeWork offices)

Program Format 

The first and last meetings are 2 hours and will be held at a venue in the city.

Meeting face-to-face provides the opportunity to get to know the people who will be helping you, and you will be helping over the next 5 weeks.

The 3 sessions inbetween will be held online to make it easier to fit the program into your existing schedule.

Whilst the 5 sessions will each have a specific focus, the format and timing will be only be loosely structured to enable each participant to raise issues for input or discussion by the group.

Session 1:  Kick-off

This is held face to face so that you can meet all the members of your circle.  In addition to introductions each person will have the opportunity to describe where they are at in their job search and the range of topics they are likely to want to discuss or the type of support they would value most over the duration of the program

Sessions 2, 3, 4

Interactive online sessions these will follow a format of:

  • Individual updates where each person describes the status of issues discussed or goals committed to the previous week.
  • Call for queries, topics and issues that members would like to put to the group for discussion
    • In conjunction with the facilitator the group will do a live review the list to prioritise the topics and format of the discussion for the next hour.
  • Wrap-up.
    • Circle members will be asked to review the evening's discussion and note if there are any areas that weren't covered, where they have an opinion or might be able to assist another circle member.  Members will then be asked what they would like to commit to or be held accountable to for the next week - or topics they would like to brainstorm or have other members provide feedback on the next week. 

Session 5: Final

We wrap up with another face-to-face session and finish with drinks.






    Next Program

    20 February - 20 March 2018




    9.5 hours of group coaching / mentoring access to private Linkedin group; access to 3 x weekly forums where the Facilitator will be available online for circle members to check-in, follow up on a topic, ask a question or get assistance with an issue.


    Weeks 1 & 5 l Face-to-face workshop

    Weeks 2, 3 & 4 l Online via Zoom


    • How do I ensure my privacy, I don't want to end up in a group with a colleague!
    • I currently have a job, is this suitable for me?
    • Why is this only for 40+ year olds?
    • I'm currently in outplacement / working with a coach - should I wait until that is finished?
    • Is there any pre-work?
    • What if I can't attend all sessions?


    Sydney CBD, to be advised