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Quarterly skills & CV update

Thursday, 29 March, 7am - 8.30am, ABC Building, 64 Clarence Street, Sydney

Thursday, 29 March, 6 - 7.15pm, online via Zoom

Be 'job ready' even when you are not actively looking. Join this session to review and articulate your achievements, networking and professional development for the quarter. Challenging yourself to continually measure your relevance and make sure you are adding to your marketability is the key to continuous employment in today's rapidly evolving world. Let this be the year you adopt this good habit. 


New job success strategy session

Group sessions

Thursday, 22 Feb, 7am - 8.30am, ABC Building, 64 Clarence Street, Sydney

Thursday, 22 February, 6 - 7.15pm, online via Zoom

One on one, by appointment.

Your job search ends when the contract is signed right?  Wrong! Now is the time to capitalise on the work you have put in and make sure it is much easier next time.  It's time to take the millenial approach! Make sure you are continually monitoring what your job is doing for you, how it is increasing your marketability, not just what you are contributing.  Successful people start new jobs with their exit date and strategy already planned.  It doesn't mean you will follow it. It does mean you will evaluate it and determine if it is still valid when the time comes.  Set yourself up for success by participating in one of our new job strategy sessions.  Leave with a strategy for day 1 and your first 90 days along with an articulation of the behaviours, relationships and achievements you want from your new role. 


Peer-based coaching circles

Next program starts Tuesday 13 february

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