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Getting the support you need to maintain motivation and confidence - why peer-based coaching circles work

Family and friends don't always have the 'bandwidth' or skills to provide the ongoing support you need when looking for a new role.  Despite best intentions it can be hard to remember to call about to provide a pep talk to a friend before their interview, or if you're a job hunter's partner to bolster their confidence - when, as much as you truly care, you're more worried about whether they have picked up the groceries you need for tonight's dinner or remembered to pick up the kids from training.

So job hunting can be quite a lonely experience. Often one where despite being at your most vulnerable and having your confidence frequently tested, you have to continually be putting on a front, or when you do want to let your guard down, can't find anyone to talk to.

Being part of one of our peer based coaching circles allows you to let your guard down in a safe and supportive environment and ask for the confidence boost you need.

This allows you to keep putting your most confident foot forward to the rest of the world.  And as the world responds to confident people this is vital.

What 'peer-based coaching circles' actually means and why it works

Bolster your confidence helping others

embed knowledge by talking about it with others

identify and get support form objecive people who are not your family8 and you are more likely to believe when they say you are good

get energy from focusing with like minded people focussign on the same topic


access the latest thinking and keep up to date

have a group with the time and focus to bounce ideas off

understand different perspecives on yoru cv so not dependent on one review or point of view

get ideas from people in different roles and differnt industries

get courage and confidence that coms from having a support griup and someone in your corner





worked with lots of people

helped frineds

messagjng and posiioning is wha  i do

made lots of mistakes, can see how to do thigns differnt 

reflected on successful friends and people

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Outside in coaching was founded to help people help themselves.

Our services are based on two key principles that people need help with in order to effectively help themselves:

  1. that many people know that they should get out of a particular role, or should be more actively searching for a new position, and often times know what and how to do this - but find it overwhelmingly difficult to maintain a consistent level of activity and focus. 
  2. that it is hard to be objective about yourself


Why we're Outside IN


    As a job hunter there is so much we want to tell people about our experience and why we're right for the role. We want them to know the full story and help people dig behind the bullet point.

    However to accelerate our job hunt, the story we need to tell, is not our story as we see it.

    It's the story that the outside world wants to hear.

    It's your story based on insight and knowledge of what the people on the outside want to know. 

    It's not about what you, on the inside, want them to know.  It's about letting prospective employers know what they want to know, not what you want to TELL them. 

    That's why we're Outside in coaching, not inside out. We help keep the outside world perspective front and centre.

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